Having a clawfoot tub installed adds a touch of yesteryear and iconic beauty to a bathroom. Many people choose this type of tub when they want an antique look to their bathroom. Before a homeowner makes a purchase, they need to learn About Clawfoot Tubs materials so they will be equipped with the information they need for making the best choice.

Cast Iron or Acrylic?

There are a couple of choices when it comes to learning about clawfoot tub materials. Understanding the differences in the two materials will help individuals to make the ideal choice for their specific bathroom needs.


Cast iron is the classic choice when it comes to clawfoot bathtubs. This material offers superior strength which is why so many clawfoot tubs are still being used from hundreds of years ago. Cast iron is also a good choice because it is an excellent heat conductor. This material helps to ensure a drawn bath of hot water remains hot for as long as possible which is ideal for long soaks in the tub.

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The main drawback of a cast iron clawfoot tub is the heaviness. These tubs can weigh between 200-400 pounds without any water. Once they are filled with water and a person, the weight can go up substantially. Those who want a classic cast iron tub should first ensure the structural stability of their bathroom floor will be able to hold the full weight of the tub once it is installed and is being used.

The other choice is acrylic and this is a much lighter material. This type of material is ideal for bathrooms that do not have the structural stability to be able to support the full weight of a cast iron tub. Acrylic tubs are much easier to move which is ideal for upper floor installations.


The major drawback with acrylic tubs is they are not as strong as cast iron and can become damaged. Acrylic also does not retain heat as well as a cast iron tub so longer soaks may require the removal of the cooled water so new hot water can be added.

Start Shopping Today

No matter which material is chosen, these tubs are beautiful and offer an iconic design to any bathroom. For more information on these tubs visit https://www.thetubconnection.com/tubs-and-showers/clawfoot-tubs.html Here, you can browse clawfoot designs and materials so you can make the best choice. Call them today if you have any questions.

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